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Almost two months ago I bought a website hosting gather with this domain. At this time, I though, it will push my self to start writing in English.

I had bad history with English until I build this website. When I was elementary school, my English skill was one of the worst than my classmate. And then still continue at Junior High School. But, at this time I started to be aware that English is really important. Because of that, I started to join English course outside the school. Unfortunately, until now I still couldn’t find how to master in English. Just read English book is not a good method for me. I have read too many English book when I was undergraduate student. But, it didn’t help me more to improve my English skill, especially English Communication Skill.

And now! I need to keep moving forward. Start to learn of English writing, I believe it can bring me to be better in English.

Goodbye Hello World!

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